Leading Colon Rectal Surgeons

Specializing in the diagnosis and management of the diseases of the colon, rectum and anus

Minimizing the Interruption to Your Life

Our group of board-certified, leading colon rectal surgeons performs most procedures in an office or outpatient setting, minimizing the disruption of your daily living. Whenever possible, our first option is to perform minimally invasive procedures, including office-based treatments such as elastic band ligation or infrared coagulation for hemorrhoids. When abdominal surgery is necessary, we utilize minimally invasive techniques designed to enhance recovery.

At CRS, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date in the latest techniques, embracing those that enable our patients to regain their lives with the least amount of inconvenience.

Meet Our Physicians
CRS Physicians

The Most Modern, Least Invasive Treatments

Colon is, admittedly, a funny word. Cancer, however, is not. At CRS, we diagnose, treat and help to prevent several conditions that are quite serious and, at the same time, not easy for our patients to discuss.

As leading colon rectal surgeons in Southeast Michigan, we do everything possible to make diagnosis and treatment comfortable – both emotionally and physically. We specialize in problems of the colon and rectum. More importantly, we specialize in treating our patients with respect.