Preventive Care

The Role of Exercise

Reduce Stress With Exercise, Increase Regularity

A major benefit of exercise is the reduction of stress. In fact, learning to cope with stress is an important part of healthy living. Excess stress and anxiety interfere with digestive health, causing a wide range of problems and worsening pre-existing conditions.

Twenty minutes of exercise three times per week, combined with proper diet, can help control your weight and prevent obesity.

In addition it can greatly improve your cardiovascular fitness and health.

Unfortunately, more than 60% of American adults do not get the recommended amount of physical activity on a regular basis. And – no coincidence here – the same percentage of American adults are overweight. Extra body fat increases your risk of certain health conditions, such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, gallstones, osteoarthritis and some types of cancer, including colon cancer.